With BAK, travel with a health professional in your pocket

"Not having to worry about your safety is proof of being well taken care of."

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Travel with a health professional in your pocket

Travel with peace of mind knowing that you are fully accompanied.

We know that 30% of French travellers have already needed to consult a health professional during their stay abroad.

Whether you are currently preparing your trip or have already arrived at your destination, Bak provides you with a list of doctors and health specialists close to your location providing you the care you need.

63% of the people surveyed told us that the language barrier is a real obstacle during a medical consultation abroad.

This is why on the Bak platform the language spoken is a selection criterion in the choice of your healthcare professional. And no more worries, you will know beforehand the amount of your consultation.

63% of people surveyed tell us that the language barrier is an issue for a consultation when you are abroad.

That’s why, in the Bak platform, the spoken language is a criterion of your health professional selection. With our transparent business model you don't have to worry, you will know before the price of the consultation.

Are you traveling with your family ?

With BAK :
  • Choose between 14 medical specialities
  • Choose between three kinds of consultation: face to face, a home visit, or by teleconsultation
  • Choose to personalise your profile in a single-family account

Are you traveling alone ?

With BAK :
  • I can be independent without feeling alone. I am cared for by a health professional who speaks my language.
  • Even abroad, my children are never alone. As a parent, I can top up the BAK account if necessary.

Backpakers ?

Avec BAK :
  • View the health professionals who are on your itinerary
  • Stay informed of the news concerning the country of your destination.
  • Be reassured that your cash is available. Payment is integrated via the current application.

A place,

A need,

A solution

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Avril 2020

"A sprain during my vacation in Ireland quickly made me understand the interest of being able to find an osteopath who speaks my language abroad."


Avril 2020

"Due to Pascal's raging toothache, we went to the reception of our holiday club. That's where we discovered BAK. Their platform put us in touch with a good dentist who then corresponded with us."

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